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Welcome to Nashville Radio Syndication, Inc. (NRSI)
  NRSI is an affiliate relations and consultation service company. We provide timely, informed representation to the commercial & non-commercial radio broadcast industry as well as new media applications. This may include short or long form programming, daily, weekly or seasonal content, via satellite, FTP /MP3, email or CD delivery. NSRI also represents such services as on-air comedy & prep, social media prep, jingle & imaging production, VO artists, research services, and newsletters, From individual one time phone or in-office consultation to annually contracted services, NRSI is a boutique company which tailors itself to your specific needs. Beginning with initial concept through production, delivery, and revenue choices, NRSI is your doorway to clearing the terrestrial airwaves and internet radio station market with success.

To schedule an appointment for consultation :

PLEASE CALL 615-673-3450...


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